Frequently asked questions

Buying Time is an innovative platform designed to deliver a truly engaging and rewarding giving experience. It’s about buying time for better lives and empowering people to give to a cause that’s personal and meaningful to them.

For individuals

We’ve factored in many things to distil research time into one dollar figure, but it’s primarily informed by the mean average across a number of our research grants. We’re grateful to have plenty of related costs covered, like equipment funded by independent sponsors and philanthropists, infrastructure provided at no cost, and other operating costs supported by our social enterprise business income. This means that Time Tokens go exclusively towards actual research time and nothing else.

It’s the sum of many parts that make medical breakthroughs. Analysing samples, conducting preclinical experiments, testing new drugs, and designing and evaluating devices to assist critically ill patients are just some of the ways that your precious time will be used by our researchers.

For business

Medical research hours via The Common Good are not a taxable supply and your donation is tax deductible.

This is flexible depending on your needs. We can help facilitate a campaign for as short or as long as you need. Once we understand your intention, we can work together to determine the best campaign duration.

Buying Time is about sharing the giving experience, but it’s also about have visibility about how your Time is being used and reporting back on the value it creates.

You will have access to a dashboard which will show you how much Time has been distributed, allocated and to which cause. That way, you can see which research areas are most important to your end users. The dashboard will have high level data visualisation but will also allow you to export the data as a csv file for further analysis.

Time recipients are only ever contacted to deliver messages around the allocation and use of their Time Token. The Common Good will not contact time recipients for any other purpose unless they have opted in to do so.

While data is important to us, privacy is even more important. All data is encrypted, accessible only through secure access, and is stored in Australia.

Time you purchase has a value ($48) and we want to ensure that not a dollar or minute is wasted. Via your dashboard you can see just how much time has been distributed, allocated or waiting to be allocated. In the event that an end user hasn’t allocated their time, we will work with you to either distribute that time to someone else, or at a higher level you may wish to allocate it to a research stream on their behalf.

We respect the privacy of your data and as such, the loading in of end user data to the system will sit with you.

It’s very simple to load this data in (whether individually or as a bulk upload). Once this is done, The Common Good team will prepare all Buying Time email communications for your review and when you’re ready, Time will start being distributed via the platform.

Buying Time has been created to be largely automated once the set-up work has been done.

  1. Quantity of time is confirmed.
  2. We create a Buying Time account for you and onboard your key administrator.
  3. Your administrator loads in your end user details.
  4. We create the series of communications that will be sent to your users via the Buying Time platform.
  5. You let us know when you’re ready, and the time can start being distributed!

No. The Buying Time platform has been created to facilitate the distribution of Time, allocation of Time and the notifications of when Time is being used.

We will work with your Finance Team to process your payment of time.

You will have an Account Manager from The Common Good with you every step of the way from setting up your account to distributing time, interpreting the data, and ensuring everyone involved is having a rewarding experience. We are only ever a phone call away!